VSS1 Suspension System

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  • Strap Fabric Detail: Polyester Latex Webbing with 15% Stretch and 100% Recovery in Black
  • Ends Fabric Detail: Featured hardened web tips to prevent unraveling clips: chemlon nylon in a flat black finish
  • Patented design redirects weight of duty belt off of hips and lower back, giving the belt a feeling of weightlessness without impacting professional appearance
  • Quick-release duty belt clips attach in one step allowing for easy donning, doffing and adjustment while helping to anchor vest carrier
  • Replaces the need for belt keepers and accommodates web and leather belts
  • Free-floating straps glide inside vest tunnels, allowing wearer full range of motion
  • Durable webbing material with 15% inherent stretch and 100% recovery ensures range of motion
  • Best results when integrated into a V-Series External Vest Carrier